Call time
built for the principal

Pingdex is an easy-to-use, yet powerful app built for the busy principal to better coordinate calls and schedules with staff.

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Native & Secure iOS and Android app

Easy to use mobile apps, allow for quick briefings and one-click calls or texts. Receive push notifications for conference calling.

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Staff Dashboards

Easy to use dashboard for creating contact requests, prioritization and scheduling.

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Deep integrations with NGP VAN, Actblue, Slack and others!

Automatically syncs read-out notes, results and pledges to NGP VAN, and gives you real-time event notifications in Slack and email.

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“Pingdex made call time vastly more efficient, for me and for my staff.  It's user-friendly and eliminated much of the data-entry drudgery for me and my call time team.  By automating so many of the processes and keeping a single, updated call time list on my phone it created schedule flexibility.  Highly recommended.”
Rep. Sean Casten IL-06

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